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This weekend 25,000 troops are stationed outside the nation’s capital. The capitols of every state in the US are on high alert, anticipating disturbances near and far. The bridges to and from DC are locked down. More soldiers currently are in Washington DC than we have in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

I think about the over 71 million people who believed the election was an existential crisis for America, a turning point for the soul of the country: who were we? Who did we wish to become? For those of us who wished, begged, pleaded for the outcome we now…


How do you possibly encompass the dumpsterfire nightmare hellscape of a year?

We’ve used this year as a stand-in for all of the awful things that could possibly happen, well of COURSE it’s 2020! Overtime the year became synonymous with every possible calamity that could befall you. It’s been a roller coaster of disappointments but also achievements.

This was also the year our worlds turned inward. Who were we? What did we value? What was worth the risks to ourselves and our health. What relationships did we REALLY get support and value from? …

Today I cried.

I exhaled a breath I’ve been holding for 4 years. I’ve seen so much commentary on how people should handle this moment, should we reflect the actions of others 4 years ago, should we burden the responsibility of uniting our clearly divided and polarized society. Yet, for the last 4 years I can say I’ve heard so much about and from the people who voted and will vote for Donald Trump. I’ve read the reports, the elegies and the thinkpieces. I’ve heard the podcasts and the focus groups all living rent free in my brain.

But today…

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<span>Photo by <a href=”;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_content=creditC
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I offer a prayer or a meditation, a reflection, or whatever word is meaningful for you for today, tomorrow, and the rest that is to come.

My prayer for America is that we get to continue.

I pray you make your voice heard. I pray that you walk into the places with your head held high and know that your voice matters.

I pray that the ideals we speak of, that all might be created equal and worthy of the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, that experiment we fashioned and then exported to the broader world, is proven valid.

I want to talk about the bend towards cynicism and hopelessness.

Last week I felt hopeless. That there was an inevitability to what we are seeing across the country. Another death gone viral, another name trending, more misinformation, another defense of a young man who headed into a community to sow violence with a deadly weapon, caravans of crews headed into Portland to antagonize and provide footage that adds credence to enable campaign footage, another life lost in a confusion of chaos, meanwhile thousands continue to die, folks plant seeds of doubt that this is even real, cases continue to…

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Lately, we’ve focused a lot of attention on this year’s seniors. People even thought it was fun, for some reason, to post their own senior pictures to supposedly honor you. However, I’ve also gotten a lot of questions from current and former students who are about to graduate and want to know how to navigate their future during both a global pandemic and a potential economic freefall.

Yep, it sucks. It’s not fun to complete a life goal, a dream you & your parents had for you since you were little in the middle of the worst economic crisis since…

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Every day since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic I fluctuate wildly between the choice to feel encouraging and to feel deep seething rage. Indignation that our country has failed to properly prepare or manage this crisis and that we STILL not doing enough to stop it. A duality between the urge to be uplifting and to be so pissed off I could throw my hands in the air and scream.

I just don’t know how to balance the two extremes.

I know people need to have their energy shifted, to have their experience called into words, given expression, and…

Pete Buttigieg at a rally in New Hampshire after the Iowa Caucus.

Pete Buttigieg, an openly gay man, just won the first contest for the democratic nomination for the highest office in country. Ok, maybe an openly gay man just tied to win the first contest in Iowa. Ok, an openly gay man may have just won the majority of delegates in Iowa.


We remember Iowa, right? The place where 10 years ago a young man went viral in for his speech about his two mothers and the family they created together as the Iowa state house debated on banning same-sex marriage. Iowa of the fried whatever, soapbox meetings, and…

Yesterday I was in the same space as the President of The United States. I could see him with my own eyes. Instead of feeling awe or joy at the thrill of seeing one of the leaders of our nation in person, I just felt sad.

It seemed his presence required a response, a performance to sate some need, or to speak out. A few around me boo’d, then seeking to find like-minded fans caught one another in an embrace. Still more began a chant of “USA, USA, USA” Other just woo’d.

We all knew what this moment was about…

If you are moving into college this week or starting classes at #UA here are some tips from me a current college professor about to start year 5 of faculty life:

1. Clean your room before you leave. Your parents will have a hard enough time dealing with the fact that you are not going to be part of their daily lives anymore without having to deal with the tornado you left behind because you were moving out in an absolute hurry.

2. The day before classes start, go around and find the ROOM where your classes are. Academic buildings…

Adam J.

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